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Paine Notes ─ Generation 2 ─ Samuel and Sarah Cook Paine


Samuel Paine's place and date of birth and death are unknown. Sarah Cook was born in 1775 in Kent, England. They married in 1793 and had at least 7 children. The family lived in Biddenden, Kent, England. Sarah died in Kent in 1850.


These are the principal records for Samuel and Sarah Paine:

  1. Sarah Cook was born 15 Jan 1775 [family register] [record]
  2. Samuel Paine and Sarah Cook married 16 Dec 1793 at Biddenden, Kent, England [Mid-Kent Marriages Index 1754-1911,]
  3. Sarah Paine had the following children [family register] [record]:

    Mary, born 3 Jun 1795
    Samuel, born 8 Jul 1797
    Jemima, born 24 Oct 1801
    David, born 27 Jul 1808
    Elisha, born 18 Jan 1811
    Joseph, born 16 Jan 1813
    Zechariah, born 14 Mar 1816

  4. Sarah Pain appeared in the 1841 Census of Kent, England, in the household of William Jeffery, in the parish of Biddenden [record]

    [1841 Census of Kent, England, Parish of Biddenden, HO 107 / 471 / 7, page 57 (back)]

    Names Males Age Females Age Occupation
    Wm Jeffery 45 Ag Lab
    Mary ditto 40?
    John ditto 20 Ag Lab
    George ditto 13
    Susannah ditto 11
    Mary ditto 10
    Jane ditto 8
    Elizabeth ditto 5
    Henry ditto 2
    Elizabeth ditto 65
    Sarah Pain 65

    Elisha Pain and family are on the next page.

  5. "Sarah PAINE widow of this parish, died 2nd July 1850 aged 75. Late of Bateman's Wood" [near Biddenden] [Monumental Inscriptions in The Church and Churchyard of All Saints Biddenden, Kent,]

    Sarah Paine's death was registered in the quarter Jul-Sep 1850 [record]

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Discussion of Records

What can one learn from these records?


The date and place of Samuel Paine's birth are unknown. His youngest child Zechariah was born 14 Mar 1816, so Samuel lived to at least 1815.


Undocumented Public Member Trees on say that Samuel's parents were Richard and Mary Paine. I've found no supporting records thus far, except that Richard Paine and Mary Towne married 11 Oct 1765 at Biddenden, Kent. However, there were several Paine marriages in Biddenden about this time (see Other Paines).


Samuel Paine and Sarah Cook married 16 Dec 1793 at Biddenden, Kent, England (record 2).

Wife's Family

I haven't identified Sarah Cook's parents. She was born 15 Jan 1775 (record 1) in Kent (record 4).


Samuel and Sarah Paine had at least 7 children (see record 3 for names).


Samuel and Sarah Paine seem to have lived in Biddenden, Kent, England, at least from the time they married. Sarah died there (record 5).


Samuel Paine's date and place of death are unknown. He probably was born and died in Biddenden.

Wife's death

Sarah Paine, age 75, died 2 Jul 1850 at Biddenden, Kent, England (record 5).



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Other Paines

Several Paines married at Biddenden Parish, Tenterden District, Kent:

Year Day/Month Name Spouse
1763 09 Jul Paine, Sarah William Cook
1765 08 Apr Paine, James Mary Musgrove
1765 11 Oct Paine, Richard Mary Towne
1765 29 Apr Paine, Susannah Edward Button
1770 18 Nov Pain (sic), Susanna John Bates
1774 11 Oct Paine, Robert Sarah Hedgecock
1776 30 Dec Paine, Robert (sic) Elizabeth Henman
1776 15 Jan Paine, Stephen Jane Weller
1793 16 Dec Paine, Samuel Sarah Cook
1794 31 Oct Paine, John Ann Harman
1799 06 Apr Paine, Leah Thomas Summers
1800 28 Jan Paine, Stephen Ann Gravett
1834 18 Aug Paine, Elisha Mary Watts
1837 01 Oct Pain (sic), Thomas Caroline Waterman

[Mid-Kent Marriages Index 1754-1911,]


Contemporary Events

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