Peter Elder of Virginia



Peter Elder lived in North Farnham Parish in Old Rappahannock County, in the Northern Neck area of Virginia. The locality is now in Richmond County, Virginia. He first appeared as witness to a power of attorney in 1664.

Image - Peter Elder a witness in October 1664
First record of Peter Elder – a witness on 14 October 1664

Peter Elder died in 1674, leaving a will that entrusted his son Peter2 Elder to a guardian. Peter2 Elder married Elizabeth, had a son William3 Elder, and died by 1687. Unlike his father and grandfather, William Elder prospered. He and wife Anne had 12 children who survived to be named in his will in 1754.

I'm a member of generation ten of Peter Elder's family my ancestors moved westward in Virginia, then on to Tennessee about 1814, then north to Michigan in 1917 to work in the automobile industry.


I've been investigating Elder family history off and on for about forty years. My purpose for developing this website is to make the information I've gathered available to my family and others. One can find many charts of Peter Elder's descendants on the internet and elsewhere (though not all of them agree). The aim here is not only to give names of descendants, but to (1) provide copies of original supporting documents, (2) identify the neighborhoods where people lived, and (3) describe conditions and events that affected their lives.

I've also gathered information on my Elder-connected ancestors (Brown, Etter, Logan, Mason, Turbeville) and my mother's ancestors (Adams, Croft, Lilley, Paine, Riggs).

Access to data

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The website is incomplete. My first priority is to build notes pages for each generation. Charts are a lower priority.


Many people have helped in the collection of the data presented here, beginning with my parents. My principal sources have been the DAR Library in Washington DC, the City of Fairfax Regional Library, the Library of Virginia, the Library of Congress, and the FamilySearch services provided by The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. I'm grateful to all who have helped over the years.